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Pipers News Stores Limited - Terms and Conditions

Newspaper Delivery - We provide an early morning newspapers & magazines delivery service to your home or business. These will arrive labelled with your address, your supply and any special delivery instructions.

Account Set Up - We will create an account and store your details in order to manage this service, respond to queries or provide service updates.

Delivery Charges & Pricing - We have different delivery charge bands, which we apply depending on location and publications delivered. These charges are subject to an annual review but we will always inform you in writing, in advance of any change. Cover prices are set by the publishers and are liable to change from time to time. A 20p per week voucher handling charge may also apply.

Bills & Payment - We bill our customers monthly in arrears. If the balance exceeds our minimum billing level of two weeks, you will also receive a bill. We request that bills are settled within 10 days. If an account remains unpaid after eight weeks deliveries may be suspended and the account subject to surcharges of up to £25 plus any legal costs incurred in recovering the debt.
Our preferred method of payment is by Direct Debit.

Leaving Things Out For Deliverers - We do not encourage customers to leave items out for our drivers to collect, but recognise that you may choose to do so for convenience. You should however be aware that Pipers News will not be held responsible for any monies, vouchers or any other items given to or left for the driver should they go missing.

Holiday Dates - To ensure we are able to action any adjustments to orders for the following day, these should be made before 11am.

Feedback - We welcome all feedback from customers be it good or bad. We and our drivers strive to offer a reliable early service 364 days a year (There are no newspapers published on Christmas Day). Regrettably, there are sometimes factors, both within our control and beyond our control that interrupt the standards we expect to offer. Should you experience any problem please do let us know about it so that we can remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Delivery Errors - Although they are rare, mistakes can happen and if, for whatever reason, you do not receive your paper or the wrong paper, we need to be alerted so we can credit your account accordingly. Any delivery error should be phoned in to the office on 01323 840753 or emailed that day to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will try and deliver where we can if advised by 9am but if we are unable to put the mistake right you will receive a credit on your next bill.

Magazines - We offer a complete range of magazines for delivery. Any magazine you see advertised or on the shelves of newsagents/supermarkets can be supplied by Pipers News and you can alter your order as often as you wish. These will be delivered the day after normal publication day. Magazines which are published whilst you are away can be saved for delivery on your return if you wish – please let us know when forwarding your holiday dates.

Privacy & Sharing Information - We do not share your personal data with any other companies or entities unless required to by law or where we require third party assistance to fulfil our service to you. Such third parties will include our secure payment processing company (World Pay) and may include third party contractors, subscription providers and marketing companies. These third parties only have permission to use your data for our specific requirement, and may not use it or share it for any other purpose. Our full Privacy Policy can be read on our website.

Subscriptions - Pipers News Stores Limited accepts subscription vouchers from all publishers. We strongly encourage customers to take advantage of the substantial discount publishers offer through their subscription services. We recommend you nominate for your vouchers to be sent to us directly by publishers or you send then to us immediately upon receipt and we will handle all the administration for you. We cannot accept any vouchers requiring redemption for issues which date back over two calendar months.

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